Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Art Teachers as Artists-
Art Teachers as Mentors" Art Exhibition @ The University of Memphis

Art Opening March 3, 2006

Hey yall I just wanted to share with you all an exhibition and opening I truly enjoyed...I was invited to show in this exihibit by my high school art teacher and one of my biggest fans and supporters, Dr. Emily "Boo" Ruch...She is truly a beautiful person with a great big heart that knows no limits...Her passion is evident in the art program that she runs at my alma mater, Overton High School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Memphis,Tn and in the work that she does in training art educators at the University of Memphis...Her high school visual art program is one of the best in the region as well as in the country and has produced many capable and talented students such as myself with a committment to living a creatively focused lifestyle...The following pics are from the opening of the Art Teachers as Artists-Art Teachers as Mentors Art Show @ the University of Memphis...The good looking woman with the blonde hair next to the big fella with the hat (me) is my high school art teacher Dr. Boo Ruch...We are standing in front of the two pics I contributed to the show, "Miles' Drag" (the longer dark piece) and "Multinstrumentalist"...Multinstrumentalist was also a piece which was included in a group exhibiton at The Triptyque in Paris,France sponsored by the famous and critically acclaimed Hip Hop Soul music group known as The Roots...

When I attended the opening on friday March 3 I felt like I got a welcoming befitting a celebrity...Dr. Ruch through her endless praise for my work as a creative artist and character as a person helped to create an instant fan club for me among her colleagues...One would have not to look or read no further than the official program handed out for the event which read:

"Dr. Ruch is particulary proud of former student Ronald Cortez Herd II, an established artist who recently participated in an exhibition in Paris, France. Herd, who goes by the name R2 C2 H2, describes his work as being motivated by three passions, art, music and history, particularly African American History. "Through the influences of Jacob Lawrence, El Greco, and Paul Gaugin," Herd writes,"I tell expressive stories without the use of the written word."

At first I felt overwhelmed, but soon afterwards I felt very thankful and humbled that Dr. Ruch would consider me among her favorite former students and that she sincerely felt that my accomplishments were actually worth being repeated and recorded for all to see...If you go to her art room right now you would see newspaper clippings lamenated outside her doorway detailing my early recognition and achievements in the art world...

It should also be noted that Dr. Ruch is no stranger when it comes to individual achievements and recognition by exceptional teachers and authority figures...Dr. Ruch went to the University of Alabama during her undergrad years and managed to earn the respect and admiration of the legendary college football coach known as Coach Paul Bear Bryant for her award winning talents with the cross bow and arrow...William Tell ain't got gesso on Dr. Boo!!!

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